The Lifted Brow: The Art Issue


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The Lifted Brow: The Art Issue

A multiplicity of practice is brought together for this exhibition project and Art Issue publication. The exhibition acts as an ignition point for engagement with the breadth of creative practitioners that The Lifted Brow fosters through its print and online platforms. Issues of gender, sexuality, politics and economics are teased out with a diverse range of mediums, including video, sound, sculpture, textile and 2D works by Ruth O'Leary, Lee Lai, Michael Hawkins, Elwyn Murray, TextaQueen, kt spit, Simona Castricum, and Kate Geck.

The Lifted Brow is creating space for experimentation off-the-page, for an intense susurration of ideas and aesthetics. Discussions, online and off, will be encouraged and developed throughout the project period — including conversations between participating artists, The Art Issue contributors and The Brow's editorial team.

The creative vibration that exists between creative work IRL, online and within the pages of a printed magazine will be debated and analysed. The fallout from The Art Issue and exhibition will be unpacked long after its brief lifespan.

Curated by Channon Goodwin

Image credit Angus Cameron

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