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Iconic independent designers Edgeley, Gun Shy and Doodad and Fandango have come together to present 'Head Babes in Charge', a celebration of the power of glamour, women in rock and the joyful irreverence of pop art. Talent, style and skill converge at the edge of the city as the babes and their collections take over the runway.

Immerse yourself in a showing that features some of Melbourne's most creative talent as they blur the divide between fashion and performance.

EDGELEY | edgeley.com.au

Edgeley's fashion designs walk that all-important tightrope between high glamour and practicality, elegance and kitsch. The world of performance is a constant source of inspiration; as such, her collections subtly reference the glitter and greasepaint of velvet-draped stages, bringing a touch of smoke and mirrors to the workaday world.

GUN SHY | gunshy.com.au

Concentrating on the possibilities of extreme faux fur, Gun Shy produces a range of jackets and stoles that are expressive, sculptural and technically brilliant. The Gun Shy vision has been embraced by creative luminaries, such as Conchita Wurst and Clairy Browne and endorsed by none other than the legendary Wu Tang Clan.

DOODAD & FANDANGO | doodadandfandango.com

These pieces are radical pop art accessories for people who love colour, cleverness and a dash of political commentary. Collections and bespoke, these future collectables are already iconic.

Head Babes In Charge is part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as an Offsite Runway.


Photo credits: Evan Fowler http://www.evanfowlerphotography.com/


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