Max for Live Workshop w/ Bob Jarvis


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Join Bob Jarvis for an informal introduction into using Ableton Live as a video performance environment using Max for Live. Bob is the developer of VIZZable, a suite of video performance plugins for Ableton. VIZZable will be covered in detail, along with the interoperable V-Module suite. The latest, currently unreleased version of VIZZable will be distributed to anyone who wants it. Bring your laptop loaded with Ableton and Max 6, or download the demo's from & For more on Bob and his work as Zeal, head to

Sunday 21st July, from 3pm.

Finding the Foodcourt! : catch the 86 tram to the last stop at Docklands, or ride or drive until you reach Waterfront City. Once there, head for the green grass amphitheatre. Facing the water, Foodcourt is above on your left, near the big white umbrellas.