Initiate – 4pm, Nov 2nd – Abre Ojos, Haark, Illuminoscillate Album Lauches + more


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Serving as a celebration for the launch of new albums from Abre Ojos, HAARK and Illuminoscillate. Joining the celebration is Monolith, Worng, cleaninglady and a special performance from Rohkontrol.

Hosted at the amazing Food Court Art Space, Saturday 2nd November, from the balmy afternoon at 4pm through dusk and into the night when the visuals kick on and drag you further into the void.

Abre Ojos - Gates album launch
Haark - Individuation album launch
Illuminoscillate - Uniform Wall album launch

Illuminoscillate: After an extended gestation period, Illuminoscillate birthed a mutated audio/visual entity seated upon the outskirts, yet comfortably within the genres of dark industrial and ambient noise. Weaving a loom of lysergic, illicit undecurrents, bleeding from the plague ridden soils of lifes toxic sanctity of repetitive manifestation.. Beautiful and deeply-textured low-end drones, cavernous sounds like the blissful slumber in the belly of a B-52 Bomber. Illuminoscillate penetrates the consciousness, entertaining access to an elevated state of activated realisation, where structural foregrounds are bound to the degradation of decaying methodic execution, leaving only explicit deranged structures to beautify subliminal sensory fulfillment, and lead alongside oblivion.. Matched by morphing, kaleidoscopic visuals suggestive of ancient mysticism, somehow lost but seemingly still near the surface of modern life.
Uniform Wall CD:

HAARK: genre-defying post-grindcore glitch-metal epistemology, dedicated to exploring issues of belief, constructivism, relativism, and ethics, while cranking out killer riffs and really fucked noises.
Heart EP:

Abre Ojos: The Abre Ojos project creates audio-visual immersive experiences for meditation and exploration of the human spirit. Combining mesmerising visuals and audio, engaging the ears with a fusion of dark ambient/drone and traditional ritual drumming while soothing and challenging the eyes and mind with continual merging of mandalas with primal imagery and contemplative silence. A unification of sight and sound that opens a doorway to thought and self-reflection.
Gates CD/DVD:

WORNG: makes music with fingers, sequencers, synths, samplers and drum machines.
WORNG has released a couple of albums and a 7", was featured on Sabbatical's 'Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne' compilation, has remixed a bunch of awesome Melbourne peeps, composed and performed an original electronic score for Nosferatu and blown minds with live sets of zombie house. describes WORNG as "an immaculately monged, flangey bit of proto-acid house"

Googling WORNG is an enlightening experience.

Monolith: The solo project of Melbourne based artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter James. The Monolith project began in 2011 and with the first release ‘Spectres’ he set about exploring dense drones. Monolith’s music has shifted to a more rhythmic edge with stripped back mantric beat patterns and dark chords. With the latest offering KIPL110312 Monolith has moved into misty subterranean sound fields – the result ‘cold rhythmic catharsis’. Monolith’s work is primarily based around mesmerising industrial styled drones and sound cut ups overlayed with minimal rhythms to create dark and foreboding soundscapes. Primitive, minimalist, industrial bleakness.

Rohkontrol is one of the many facet of characters that embody the work of Xurroh in the red dust continent. From the vocal delivery in the now deceased black pyschedelic noise band Malam, Rohkontrol predominantly spends time in the dark ambient / ritualised spheres of Animalspirits. A three fold unit that works on chance, time and the casting of Runes upon the turn of equinoxes and solstices in the Southern Hemisphere, they have offered few public performances over the past few years.

To be integrated, assimilated and initiated into Exile, Rohkontrol seek new portals to wander and be poisoned by Fate.

cleaninglady is a solo project from Australian Sound Artist and Saxophonist - Stevie Richards.
cleaninglady live performance is based around Improvisational generate sounds live ; manipulating , re-routing and ultimately destroying them.

The live sound is ambient with an unsettling subtext ; at times extreme and always exploring the high and low frequency spectrum.

The sound was achieved in the past through the use of Empty Mixer , Effects Pedals , Saxophone and various cracked electronic devices.

More recently , cleaninglady has performed almost entirely on self made Serge format Modular Synthesizers.