A Food Project @ The Food Court


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Siying Zhou

The residency is taking place from Sunday 23rd March until May 7th. People are invited to drop in and chat to Siying about her project and see the work evolve.

In her residency at Food Court, Siying will continue to explore her current research on the ritual of food. She will study the process of food handling, table manners and superstition in food from different cultures. Siying attempts to evoke the significance of trivia in life via the gastronomy. She will take the unique venue of Food Court to produce video works, photographic images and organise a performance event.

Born in 1980, Siying Zhou is a multi-disciplinary artist and an independent curator. Zhou focuses on subjects such as the religious practice and cultural traditions in the life of the nomad, identity of individuals within the culture of globalization, the intricate relationship between the land and its dwellers and the correlation of physical and imaginary spaces. Zhou recently completed her one-month residency at Jiwar in Barcelona, Spain. Zhou’s involvement in the Australian art industry includes working as Team Leader at Australia Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2013; as Program Manager at 24HR Art: Northern Territory centre for contemporary art from 2007 to 2013. Holding her Masters degree at Sydney College of The Arts, the University of Sydney (SCA), Zhou is currently studying Master of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne.