Sunday Workshops Call Out @ The Food Court 


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1529732_587243894683209_1963502862_oThe Food Court Sunday Workshops

From May 2014, The Food Court will host a diverse range of art workshops on a regular basis - every Sunday- to encourage a creative community in the docklands whilst giving artists an affordable space to further hone their skills and encourage experimentation.

The Food Court offers a unique and spacious venue and is able to hold a diverse range of workshops. Hosting a pop-up coffee cart with organic coffee: 'Nautico' and free WiFi, The Food Court creates a friendly, fun and relaxing meeting hub.

The Food Court has successfully hosted many workshops, such as an Inflatable Sculpture workshop held by artist Kieran Stewart and various groups such as Aphids, Open Channel and The Ableton Live User Group have workshopped performance, sound and film making classes.

The Food Court will charge 5-10% from the sales of the workshops to cover admin costs and a donation of $100.

The person who runs workshops is responsible for charging participants. This person will share with the Food Court the duty of promoting the workshops and recruiting participants.

The Food Court is responsible for security, public liability and promoting the workshops through its network.

Please contact, if you are interested in running a workshop at the Food Court or have an idea of potential workshops. The Food Court is ready to work with artists from all disciplines and would like to assist artists to develop workshop ideas.