JONATHAN HOMSEY – Dance Residency


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Image Credit: PW Photography


The Food Court has been excited to host Jonathan Homsey's Dance residency #3 Intensive. Jonathan curated three dance projects, developing material inspired by the geometry and design of The Food Court. As a member of Sole Symphony Movement, an urban dance crew founded in 2011, Jonathan along with Sole Symphony Movement, created two site - specific short films, "Play Me" & "Carpe Diem". Additionally, Jonathan directed his own short film work, "Mr. Manny Pura".

Menagerie, a contemporary dance collective, which Jonathan is also a part of, will use the space to develop choreography for their new work "Periphery" which debuts at Anywhere Festival August 29th before SCREENING at The Food Court 5 September 2014.

Carpe Diem is a work choreographed and directed by Sole Symphony Movement.  This collaboration between all fifteen of its members works around the evolution of our thoughts throughout a normal day. As one's day fluctuates emotionally, so does your actions, movement and breathe. Originally an urban/hip hop based crew, this is the group's first contemporary dance project.

Mr. Manny Puri is a video triptych exploring the internal monologue of a people pleaser. Through this deconstructed display of choreography , Mr. Manny Puri examines the psyche which we play on ourselves to please others often before we please ourself.