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Ara Dolatian and Michele Donegan collaborate as Nomad, designing and installing coloured woollen webs in galleries and public spaces. The designs respond to each particular site considering architecture and purpose. The webs grow intuitively and organically. Their latest installation - Float - for the Food Court in the Docklands reflects the open nature of Docklands being situated on the water. 

The web reinvents the site by creating a sense of other-worldliness and transforms the nature of the space. The work forms a “shelter” that is reminiscent of nomads stopping and establishing a safe place for a period of time. The web is accessible to a wide public audience to explore, enjoy and be immersed in. 

Ara and Michele, both graduates in Fine Arts met at RMIT in 2010 where they were studying sculpture. They have been collaborating as Nomad since 2011 and have installed webs at RMIT First Site Gallery, Federation Square Fracture Gallery, Victoria Park, Coburg Mall, Coburg Library, Artful Dodgers Studios and Fitzroy Gardens. "Float" at The Food Court is the largest and most challenging space Nomad has inhabited. 

To view images of Nomad’s work go to the Nomad page on:!nomad-/c544





Float HR 3


Float HR 4



Past Works:!nomad-/c544