FLOORDROBE – Cluny Alexandra


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No hangers. No hierarchy.

Come and try on the 'essentials' in FLOORDROBE. An installation of flexible garment pieces, you are encouraged to self-fashion from the floor and facilitate your own wearable narrative of integrity.

The 'essentials' is a tool kit for fashioning social, moral and structural integrity through garments. Presenting a framework for embodied design practice, FLOORDROBE: the essentials asks - what does integrity look like on you?

FLOORDROBE: the essentials, the concluding installation to the project Integers sets up a casual ‘bedroom-esque’ space for the public to engaged in a ‘self-fashioning’ experiment. The public are encouraged in to try on the new ‘collection’ of  ‘floordrobe essentials’ – catalyst garment pieces ‘tools’ that participants ‘design through wearing’ to suit their individual taste; social situ; activity and so forth. All catalyst pieces are size-free; zero waste and genderless so can be experienced by anyone. The purpose of FLOORDROBE: the essentials is to present a democratic engagement with fashion for the general public and illuminate design (specifically fashion) as a catalyst for social change.

It is a free installation and participants are encouraged to fashion integrity with :the essentials and continue a dialogue of their experience online through social media. The installation operates on the combined principles of co-design, non-intentional design and critical design as catalysts for future fashion methodologies. All emerging modes of practice in fashion and associated design fields.