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Library At The Dock is located across the water from The Food Court on the other side of the harbour.

Ara Dolation: "Ontological Orchestra"
A hybrid ecosystem simultaneously resembles a semi functional apparatus, the model of a utopian city and a biological experiment. It also conflates a number of ideas around the themes of the studio and the laboratory and in turn social and environmental politics. These assemblages represent social and spatial territories connecting forms, materials and ideas. They create a conceptual framework that connects the social and the physical dimensions of a place. They define the concept of place not as a location but an assemblage of connections, a way to organize meaning. The structures are hybrids; part social, part natural and part mechanic. Though they weave networks of liminal spaces each is autonomous forming fixed, arbitrary spaces, places, zones and territories. Medium: timber, glass, plants, motors, acrylic, found objects.