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With the back drop of the banal constructed environment of the Docklands, "PETRIFIED", offers starkly contrasting photographs and film of elsewhere - dramatic natural landscapes captured in distant places - the high altitude deserts of Bolivia, the most Southern inhabited land to Antarctica - Patagonia and Central Australia. The places in these images are displaced in this developing urban space but also reinforce the sense of 'elsewhere' often felt walking around the Docklands.

These images are a culmination of documentation of Kane Alexander’s immersion in the natural environment - in all its’ unpredictability - during extensive years of traveling.

Kane Alexander’s practice involves self-imposed guidelines, including minimal use of digital manipulation and a process where nothing is added or taken away in an attempt to contain 'what was there.'

A Soundscape created by Curtis Edwards, provides both an ambiguous narrative and a heightened sensory experience of the images. Curtis merges Kane's sound recordings from remote natural places with samples of urban environments to bridge a sense of distance and displacement.


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Curtis Edwards working his sound magic

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The artist himself Kane Alexander