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on the water

Luminaire on the Water is a collaborative affair hosted by Joshua Stevens and Elizabeth McInnes. It re-invigorates The Food Court as the perfect event venue for the wedding reception dejour by the waterfront

Ignited by a luscious evening on the 17th of April with DJ performances by Marisa & the Paris End and DJ Cappuccino, guests will be served fresh espresso martinis along with cheese and fruit platters for a twilight soiree’. Delicate banners and curtains will be draped throughout the space, each hand-crafted by Stevens and McInnes, and accompanied by Renaissance style paintings, tapestries, hangings and vase displays.

Gaudiness and the language of luxury take the centre stage for Luminaire on the Water, we invite you all to indulge in this expression of love with a glass of chandie in hand.

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