Colour Box Studio: Throw Up Your Art


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Image: Kristina Arnott of Colour Box Studio.

Colour Box Studio:
Throw Up Your Art

Colour Box Studio celebrated their 3rd Birthday with a pop up exhibition at The Food Court. 3 years of innovative arts programming for creatives and communities in Melbourne showcasing the work of Colour Box Studio Members.

Exhibiting artists: Jess Dubblu, Robyn deBoar, Caroline Esbenshade, Rovinna Wangsadinata, Bianca Loiacono, KingasArt, Carolyn Langford, WEETMAN, Catherine Hallam, Tutulu Feagai, Kristina Arnott, Sharmane Rabusa, Elizabeth Braid and Dusk Liney.

 Find out more about Colour Box Studio membership here:


Melbourne Music Week – Bedroom Suck Records


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As part of Melbourne Music Week, a music bike tour hosted by Bedroom Suck Records was organised; A bike ride through Melbourne, where participants stopped in various locations and were treated to live performances by heaps of fine musicians. First stop was The Food Court where the band "Superstar" performed live, then on to The Mission to Seafarers, MPavillion and finishing up at Testing Grounds with an after party with more live music from Mick Turner and more.


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Boot Camp: The Race


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Boot Camp Survival - Promo Shot
Boot Camp is 6 artists in lockdown, a mini artist residency, an intensive high interval training program of creative workshops and art drills. Jointly run by arts collectives In The Meantime and The Birds ARI, Boot Camp seeks to answer the big questions in the shortest amount of time possible. For the third installment of the Boot Camp series, the artists will respond to the theme of 'The Race'. Stay tuned for updates and photos from their sessions at The Food Court during the Melbourne Cup Day weekend.
Participating artists: Melissa Matveyeff, Claire Robertson, Aliça Bryson-Haynes, Lisa Frankland, Shae Rooke & Ria Green.

Mutt exhibition Callum Jackson


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Mutt is an exhibition that dismantles the fourth wall between artwork, artist and viewer. Artist Callum Jackson is currently hosting a number of daily (& nightly) workshops in The Food Court until the exhibition opening on 1st October.


Curated by Callum Jackson, Creation is consistently seen as a solitary endeavour; artists, writers, musicians, need solitude to allow themselves to slip into an almost obsessive state of mind. A viewer can sometimes be displaced from this experience and as such may lack a sense of connectivity. Reviewers, critics and similar are liable to forget the individual process that goes into an artwork, how the artist themselves relates to and experiences their creation. Mutt is an exhibition that dismantles the fourth wall between an artwork, the artist and the viewer.

It places a heightened sense of importance on the decisions of the artist during the creative process, particularly the risks they may take, and mistakes they may make in the production of the artwork. An emphasis on materiality, process and technique highlights the learning process in practice and seeks to remind both artist and audience that risks and mistakes are important aspects of the relationship between artist and artwork

Participating artists will spend a week in The Food Court, prior to the opening, taking part in art workshops facilitated by Callum, and developing work and works in progress for the show. Over the course of the show more work may be added, subtracted, refined or transformed, making the exhibition an on-going evolution. To further emphasise the innovative creativity of the exhibition, Jackson will also host workshops in the space for the duration of the exhibit, on creative practices from life drawing to automatic drawing and writing sessions.

Local band The Velvet Soufflé will provide in-flight entertainment for the opening night on Thursday 1st October, and bring their own layer to the experimental theme with their “Newer Wave” Avant-Pop sound.

List of the  participating artists:  

Aiden Norton-Smythe
Patrick Salmon
Haley Rose
Corey Macleod
Tom Kusturin
Madeleine Lacey
Jean-Marc Dupre
ill bish
Sam Ross
Tracy Yap
Isabelle Dupre
Nick Ryrie
Chai Balcombe
Jennifer Rooke
Lana Scoville
Alex Speechley
Tom Ames
Anita Balcombe
Bella Rose
Hannah Beilharz
Brian Pieper
Tae Webb-Dudek
Jasper Powrie
Olivia Pimpinella
Rho Sandberg
Jasper Killick
Caroline Teakle
Paul Eves
Ruby Knight
Alethea Everard
Naomi Lee
Nathan Mizzi
Wyatt Knowles
Clancy Scanlan
Callum Jackson
Grant Pickers
Alex Quinlan
IMG_3809 IMG_3813



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Image Credit: Simon Crosbie, Gilles Deleuze, 2015



Opening: Friday 1st September 2015 (5:30-7:30pm)
Exhibition dates: 1st - 10th September

Homage is a group exhibition which encourages artists to pay tribute to artists and theorists who have been influential to their arts practice in some way. How participants consider their response is open-ended and may make reference to methods of satirising, plagiarising, appropriating and lionising.

Homage has sprouted from consideration of the 'Art School' experience of being constantly directed towards artists and critics that are intended to inform our practice. Invariably these artists and critics are comfortably situated in the pantheon of contemporary art and our role as students is to engage, respond and eventually find our place. This show is intended to take a step back in the process and allow participants to respond in more direct ways to these artists.

Featured in the exhibition, Gabrielle New performed, 'Art must not be beautiful. Artist must not be beautiful'
This event was proudly supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture


Homage opening night

Simon Crosbie

homage homage
Gabrielle New
Gabrielle New
Gabrielle New
Gabrielle New

The Food Court Artist in Residencies 2015


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The Food Court is happy to announce our third Residency announcement, Sasha Margolis.

Sasha has been working as a Sound Artist in various guises and locations since 2007. Recently, he has undertaken a Masters degree in Spain, a site-specific residency in remote Finland and esoteric education in England. He is also a creative element and musician in various Kosmische and Post-Punk bands in Melbourne.

The Food Court residency will consist of a medium-term psycho-geographic exploration of the sonic environment in and around The Food Court; a seemingly banal medium-density residential/commercial zone which nonetheless can and will offer surprising, enlightening, and possibly disturbing insights regarding the minutiae of sounds that make up the background ambience of life.


Sasha margolis

Food Court Artist in Residencies 2015


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The Food Court is happy to announce our second Artist in Residence, Kate Davis.

Kate Davis is a Melbourne based artist and educator with an interest in community engagement. Kate is currently completing a Master of Teaching at The University of Melbourne, and is undertaking research which deals with art and resilience. Kate also assists with the delivery of Public Programs at the National Gallery of Victoria.
Since graduating from UNSW Art and Design in 2010, Kate’s artistic practice has shifted between photography and video installations.

Kate is interested in the ever-changing built environment surrounding The Food Court and will develop work which investigates and explores these transitions during her residency.


Passing Through


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Passing Through

Brody Xarhakos

Opening: Friday 15th May 2015 (6-9pm)
Exhibition dates: 16th May - 5th June

The Food Court becomes a canvas for Brody Xarhakos’ extensive paintings in space. Painting in abandoned spaces is a familiar past-time to Brody, as he originally comes from a street art practice. Within Melbourne’s city walls, Brody would seek out places which seemed to no longer be of use, or occupy houses and buildings in transition and use them as his artistic playground.

With a fascination for the play between order and chaos and its impact in the man-made sphere, Brody explores the deconstruction and manipulation of letter form through a metaphysical perspective, while considering the space we occupy and the architecture that surrounds us.

Brody’s crystallized forms of time and space wrap around the interior and exterior of The Food Court through the use of extensive line work, and the subtle application of spray paint to create a layered effect. Like a map of experience, his forms unfold with their surroundings and take us from the familiar road to the unknown.

Incorporating stop motion animation and live action footage, his accompanying video works depict movement through space and time, playing with light and transitions shifting between the quiet and the turbulent. Brody completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2014.



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on the water

Luminaire on the Water is a collaborative affair hosted by Joshua Stevens and Elizabeth McInnes. It re-invigorates The Food Court as the perfect event venue for the wedding reception dejour by the waterfront

Ignited by a luscious evening on the 17th of April with DJ performances by Marisa & the Paris End and DJ Cappuccino, guests will be served fresh espresso martinis along with cheese and fruit platters for a twilight soiree’. Delicate banners and curtains will be draped throughout the space, each hand-crafted by Stevens and McInnes, and accompanied by Renaissance style paintings, tapestries, hangings and vase displays.

Gaudiness and the language of luxury take the centre stage for Luminaire on the Water, we invite you all to indulge in this expression of love with a glass of chandie in hand.

Photo credit for images below:

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_U8A7293 _U8A7294 _U8A7295 _U8A7296 _U8A7297 _U8A7298 _U8A7301 _U8A7302