Art Circle Exhibition


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The Exhibition showcased the artist's expressive array of styles and media. Art Circle is an ongoing initiative providing opportunities for artists to display work publicly and create a dynamic art culture that will lead to greater community inclusion in the arts. The Food Court hosted works made by Art Circle artists this year - traversing practices in painting, drawing, sculpture, Performance art, animation and short film.

The opening night was on the 5th July and included a Film Screening featuring an animation by Alex Durrant and a short film by Damien Wilson. With performances by Luka Anderson, Sara Franzoni and DJ Ben.

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Mary Meets Mohammad


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The award-winning documentary Mary Meets Mohammad screened at the Food Court on June 19th, as part of Refugee Week.

The film follows the arrival of Tasmania’s first detention centre through the eyes of local Christian woman and knitting club member, Mary, and a Muslim Afghan Hazara asylum seeker Mohammad, who is detained inside the centre – as they connect through the gift of a knitted beanie.

The evening featured music performed by Iranian ARGAVAN; musicians who are currently seeking asylum in Australia. The film was followed by a Q and A with a guest panel which included Barat Ali Batoor – a Hazar photographer who fled Afghanistan during the civil war and a speaker from The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Art works were on display for purchase as well as copies of the DVD for sale.
All proceeds from the evening were donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Your donations are instrumental in helping the ASRC to focus on the heart of the issue: people who are fleeing persecution and despair, and who need our support to survive and thrive. Every $1 donation received translates to $20 worth of services delivered. Your donation goes directly to providing the essential items that enable asylum seekers to survive the winter: food, warm clothing and blankets, nappies, sanitary products, transport and shelter.

The main objective of the evening is to continue education and conversation around asylum seekers. Please encourage any people who you may believe will benefit from the discussion.



Like A Fishbone


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HYPRTXT Festival presents MKA: Theatre of New Writing and Man with a Plan’s


02-14 JUN 2014, THE FOOD COURT


An act of terror rocks a small community.

Months later, in a city office, an architect designs a memorial.
As the rain falls on the night of the final presentation, worlds collide when a mother from the affected community arrives in the architect’s office.


LIKE A FISHBONE is like a play that’s like a fishbone that’s like an issue that no one wants to talk about that if you’re not careful… The most dearly held beliefs: faith, hope and reason, become the unwitting casualties of a bitter and intensely personal battle for the right to define how a nation remembers. This is the Melbourne premiere of this remarkable work by celebrated, but rarely produced in this country, UK-based Australian playwright Anthony Weigh. The production is lead by break out director Alice Darling and the play is being staged in an abandoned food court in the heart of the Melbourne Docklands.

Playwright – Anthony Weigh
Director – Alice Darling
Performers – Alice Cavanagh, Jean Goodwin, Emma Hall
Production Manager – Cameron Stewart
Set Designer – Jacob Battista
Lighting Designer – James Lipari
Sound Designer & Composer – Lore Burns
MAN WITH A PLAN is a new Melbourne based theatre collective committed to producing and staging thought provoking and powerful theatre. The members of the group are all graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts. This will be the first production by the group presented by MKA: Theatre of New Writing

HYPRTXT is the inaugural festival of new performance writing by Melbourne’s own cult independent company, MKA: Theatre of New Writing and is taking place at a number of venues across Melbourne CBD from June 02-July 05 2014.



Constructing the amazing set



The finished set, fully transformed The Food Court!

Come As You Are


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Come As You Are

May Exhibition 2014


This exhibition brings together a disparate group of Melbourne artists from both self-taught and Fine art education backgrounds, providing an intersection between artists and art forms that generally have little or no connection within the various streams of the Melbourne art world. The eclectic nature of the show opens up spaces for conversations between the works themselves and the notion of artistic diversity.


Exhibiting artists are working across various disciplines including sculpture and installation, painting, drawing, video and performance art.


Amie Anderson/ Georgia Anson/ Kylie Blackley/ Elise Brand/ Craft Cartel Collective/ Aurora Campbell/ Gonzalo Ceballos/ Sarah Cooper/ Christal Crumpet/ Alejandra Diaz/ Marcal Feillafe/ Betra Fraval/Bea Heymann/ Lisa Imai/ Sophia Kavanagh-Ryan/ Citrus Knightshade/ Cheralyn Lim/ Marisa Matear/ Georgia Powell/ Jaime Powell/ Renuka Rajiv/ Nico Reddaway/ Bry Rieusset/ Claire Salkeld/ Brittany Sanford/ Maya Sollier (+ Roy Esther Ether)/ Hayden Stuart/ Sophie Takach/ Sara Tatai/ Sebastian Temple/ Clare Walton/ James Wright/ Siying Zhou


Come As You Are is organized by YA (Young Artists Collective).




Photos taken by Giordano Biondi


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Thanks to Giordano Biondi for being our resident photographer

BON MOTT recap December 14th 2013


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Sunday Workshops Call Out @ The Food Court 


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1529732_587243894683209_1963502862_oThe Food Court Sunday Workshops

From May 2014, The Food Court will host a diverse range of art workshops on a regular basis - every Sunday- to encourage a creative community in the docklands whilst giving artists an affordable space to further hone their skills and encourage experimentation.

The Food Court offers a unique and spacious venue and is able to hold a diverse range of workshops. Hosting a pop-up coffee cart with organic coffee: 'Nautico' and free WiFi, The Food Court creates a friendly, fun and relaxing meeting hub.

The Food Court has successfully hosted many workshops, such as an Inflatable Sculpture workshop held by artist Kieran Stewart and various groups such as Aphids, Open Channel and The Ableton Live User Group have workshopped performance, sound and film making classes.

The Food Court will charge 5-10% from the sales of the workshops to cover admin costs and a donation of $100.

The person who runs workshops is responsible for charging participants. This person will share with the Food Court the duty of promoting the workshops and recruiting participants.

The Food Court is responsible for security, public liability and promoting the workshops through its network.

Please contact, if you are interested in running a workshop at the Food Court or have an idea of potential workshops. The Food Court is ready to work with artists from all disciplines and would like to assist artists to develop workshop ideas.

A Food Project @ The Food Court


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Siying Zhou

The residency is taking place from Sunday 23rd March until May 7th. People are invited to drop in and chat to Siying about her project and see the work evolve.

In her residency at Food Court, Siying will continue to explore her current research on the ritual of food. She will study the process of food handling, table manners and superstition in food from different cultures. Siying attempts to evoke the significance of trivia in life via the gastronomy. She will take the unique venue of Food Court to produce video works, photographic images and organise a performance event.

Born in 1980, Siying Zhou is a multi-disciplinary artist and an independent curator. Zhou focuses on subjects such as the religious practice and cultural traditions in the life of the nomad, identity of individuals within the culture of globalization, the intricate relationship between the land and its dwellers and the correlation of physical and imaginary spaces. Zhou recently completed her one-month residency at Jiwar in Barcelona, Spain. Zhou’s involvement in the Australian art industry includes working as Team Leader at Australia Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2013; as Program Manager at 24HR Art: Northern Territory centre for contemporary art from 2007 to 2013. Holding her Masters degree at Sydney College of The Arts, the University of Sydney (SCA), Zhou is currently studying Master of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne.


David Waters Window Stencil @ The Food Court


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David Waters

Contemporary Australian Artist, David Waters combines a wide range of materials, ideas, and processes to create both site specific installations, and art that lends itself to more of a gallery environment.

Based in Redesdale, Central Victoria, his work as a restoration stone mason in Melbourne is an influence on his imagery and ideas.

Some highlights of Davids Career:

Bundanon, NSW – Artist in Residence
Montalto Sculpture Prize. (Winner)
Yering Station, Yarra Glen – Sculpture Prize (Highly Commended)
Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford. “ROOF”







‘The Comedian’ – Iain Bonner


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Iain Bonner - Bio
After working in short fiction, film, dance video, video installation and photography, Iain decided to further his filmic ambitions through a masters degree in filmmaking at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. The Comedian in his major project from the two year course. Iain’s films previously have shown in the US, India, and Australia, and he has upcoming screenings in Korea, US and France. His work always seeks to find new ways of expressing narrative, and to link experimental and improvisational methodologies with narrative filmmaking. In 2012 Iain was part of the video art festival, Everywhere But Here at Blindside gallery in Melbourne, and also travelled to Ghana with Asanti Dance Theatre to film African music and dance. Iain’s work on The Comedian resulted in him winning ‘Best Achievement in Directing’ at the 2013 VCA Awards.

Director's Statement

The Comedian is a story I’ve wanted to tell for some time. The stand up comedian’s task is so knife-edged. Failure is always so close. My setting and inspiration for this film was the Docklands. An area of Melbourne that is well known for its failure as a new suburb. Built to be a capitalist dream: somewhere you can shop and live, a ready-made futuristic suburb; the place is often empty. There is a feeling, something in your chest, as you walk around it that doesn’t sit right. As if the ghosts of all the tiny failures that created this one big failure are there with you. My character and the setting then, are connected. Wanting to make someone laugh is a beautiful thing. But what happens if you want it a little too much and you don’t have the skill? To be authentic is also a skill, and can be very hard. Failure, then, is often the most authentic act, and so terribly, utterly human, a direct window to our vulnerability. And there is something beautiful in that. I wanted to imbue the film with this feeling, so it may just sit there and slowly make its way into your consciousness as you witness the unfolding of events. A film just as a piece of music, that sets up a world, riffs and flows and then resolves itself just enough so it may end.
Here is the link to the trailer:

Come and join us for a screening of the short film, The Comedian. The film was shot in Docklands, right next to The Food Court, and what better place to have a little party.
The money raised will be used to send the film on little international journeys into the hands of festival cronies, who hopefully will choose this film. Any extra money raised will go towards a webseries. On this night there will be stand up comedy, a wild percussion extravaganza from Groovy G and guest/s, and I will screen The Comedian, and perhaps Hot Chicken.